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Going on vacation can be stressful, especially with children. Preparing, packing, and traveling to your destination can be exhausting and reduce everyone’s patience.  Some pre-planning can help you and your children have a fun enjoyable vacation with minimal stress.


Including your children in the planning process can help them feel invested in the vacation.  Create a list of activities within your budget that they can choose from while on your trip.  This will help everyone feel special because they helped choose the activities, and sights the family will see during the trip.

–        Pre- purchase passes for amusement parks, museums, or local transportation so you have one less thing to worry about when you arrive at your destination.

–        If flying, traveling at night can help reduce the stress of hours on the plane because children more likely to sleep during a late night flight.

–        Help children pack a small carry-on bag or backpack with stuffed animals, books, crayons, video games or mp3 player, and a favorite snack.  It will make it easier to find the comfort things your child will need to rest, or entertain themselves on long flights.


Setting a budget and paying for the trip before you travel can help reduce stress.  Creating a budget can help you enjoy the trip without worrying about how you will pay for it while you are on vacation.  Your budget can include how much you will spend on souvenirs, food, and activities so you do not have to use energy during your trip figuring out how much you can spend, or worrying that you spent too much.

One easy tip is using envelopes to budget and separate funds before your trip.  For example, on the day you are going to the amusement park you can pull out the envelope with the admission fee or tickets, money for meals, and souvenirs.   The night before you can place the envelope in your bag with your sunscreen, snacks, and the other necessities you will need.  Now you have everything you need to enjoy your day at the park.

Be Flexible

Children can be tired from lots of activities, a different time zone, or not sleeping well in a new setting.  Plan some low key activities like a nap if needed, and playing games in your hotel to help everyone rest and to create special memories having fun playing games together.  Planning multiple large activities in one day can cause pressure and make you feel rushed while on vacation.  Schedule extra time to get ready, and for activities so you can enjoy your day without feeling rushed.  When something is not working remember to be flexible, an hour wait at a great restaurant when everyone is hungry might not be the best choice.  Avoid meltdowns from low blood sugar by carrying favorite snacks, and being willing to change your plans when needed.

By taking some time to plan and remembering to be flexible and patient you can reduce the stress of travel.  Having a great vacation can really help the family relax and create special memories.

Enjoy your summer!

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